Kaz Simmons


 Hello everyone, welcome to my Pledge Music Campaign

Something different and new – for me anyway and perhaps you too.


Album number four! Where has the time gone?


Each album is a completely new experience for me and this one is no exception. I thought I would team up with Pledge Music to try and raise funds towards the recording costs, but it also means you can effectively pre-order the album and get exclusives along the way.


Have a look at the exclusives and see if any take your fancy. The minimum you will receive is the full download of the album, plus exclusive updates (such a progress reports, photos etc) before the album is officially released in the autumn of 2013.


The songs are all original, bar one and will be a slightly new direction for me, but still with jazzy, poppy, folky undertones and an exciting new addition to the band. I’m very excited to be recording again and it’ll be great to share it with you along the way.


If I don’t reach my intended target, you won’t be charged and the exclusives will not be fulfilled. If I raise more than my target, 10% of monies raised after the target will go to the charity Plan International.


Thank you so much for your support and lots of love,


Kaz x